191007  Henry Allessio and John Kozaka meet with Frank Condron and his wife Peggy in Framingham Sheraton Hotel in Oct 2019 for a wonderful hour and thirty minutes of “Do You Remember”. Frank and John were boyhood friends from 1945 to 1953. In ’53 John moved from Merriam Street to Nancy Avenue and lost contact with Frank even though he went to PHS. Henry and Frank were in some PHS classes so they also knew each other too. Jump to 2019 and Frank has lived in Texas after marriage and Army. In early September John got a call from Frank that he was flying into Logan (Boston) and would like to get together (Frank and his wife were going to Pittsfield for three days). We did meet at the Sheraton and had a great reunion. Frank was not a big guy in PHS but grew to over  six feet in the Army.