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Joan Menin Bianco
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Sharron Sedgwick
09-26-2007 04:41pm
Hello Everyone:

I had sent a note to Joan to wish her well, and received a short letter from her written by her caregiver.  She said her daughter has been living with her for two years and that they enjoy each other, getting out and doing various things occasionally there in FL.

She mentions her beautiful children.  Her son lives 60 miles north.  She has two wonderful grandchildren, aged 18 and 13.

She ws very appreciative of my note.  If anyone has a free moment in the near future, I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you.  She has been through a lot and I know receiving cards or notes in the mail really make one's day.

She truly wishes she could have attended our 50th reunion, but as you know, she was too ill at the time.  If anyone cares to get in touch with her, here is her address:

2500 Treasure Island Causeway, Apt 208
St Petersburg, FL  33706

Re: Joan Menin Bianco
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Elaine Pascetta
09-30-2007 08:34pm
Thanks Sharron for giving us Joan's address.  Will get a card off.

Re: Joan Menin Bianco
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Pat Sanginetti
10-02-2007 10:47am
Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the update.  I sent Joan the 50th Sign in poster, along with other memorabilia from the reunion and hope she now has it.  I will send her a card.  Hope all is well with you and yours!

Re: Joan Menin Bianco
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Gail MacPherson Shulhan
10-20-2007 06:30pm
Hi Sharon,  

I am so sorry to hear that Joan has been very ill.  We mail Christmas cards and when in Florida I would sometimes talk or visit with her.  I guess the years have slipped by without communication but I will get a card off to her this week.  


Re: Joan Menin Bianco
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Irene Johnson Keegan
02-11-2008 10:21pm
I spoke with Joan's daughter, Lisa, today and she told me that Joan never received the poster from the 50th reunion.  I assume it is because it was sent to 2500 Treasure Island Causeway and her actual address is 500 Treasure Island Causeway.  Whomever sent it could put a tracer on the package at the post office where it was mailed from.  By the way, Lisa said Joan was doing great and I plan on seeing her for a short visit soon.  I will let everyone know how it was.

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