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Pittsfield High School Class of 1957 - Photo Galleries

This is THE catchall area. This is where you'll find many memories. Reunions are in here, sports memories are hear, pictures of some of us when we were in elementary or junior high and so on. Check out the list and enjoy yourself meandering through the site.

  • 5 Year Reunion - Avaloch Inn
  • Only three pictures here. Someone must have some other pictures. Please look in your file of old stuff and you may find a few. You can post them yourself!

  • 10 Year Reunion -1967
  • There are a few pictures in this area. Some of them need identifications. Also, if you have any pictures from this reunion, please send me an email and perhaps we can get them loaded up.   Paul

  • 15 Year Reunion
  • No pictures here. HELP!!!

  • 20 Year Reunion

  • No pictures here, either. We need some.

  • 25 Year Reunion - 1982
  • The reunion was held at the then Hilton Hotel on the corner of South and West Street.

    We can't believe that we have only one picture from our 25th Reunion. Someone must have some pictures somewhere. Please post them!

  • 30 Year Reunion - 1987
  • Many pictures - some need identifications. As you can see, most pictures include Pat Stiffler. I wonder why???

  • 35 Years Reunion
  • The year was 1992. Here are several pictures. Who brought the 1957 cars to the Dalton American Legion for the party?

  • 40 Year Reunion 1997
  • Only three pictures! We should have many!!  Please scour your photos and post them or send them to one of the administrators.

  • 45 Year Reunion - 2002
  • Only a few pictures --- there must be more out there!! Please, please either post them or send the digital file to the administrator.

  • 50 Year Reunion Weekend of June 1-3, 2007
  • As you can see from the following photos we had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time at our 50th year reunion. It was held at the Country Club of Pittsfield. Our heartfelt thanks to Pat Taglieri Sanginetti and her committee, David Polcaro, Carol Nolli McGinty, Gene Maselli, Tony Pivero, Jim Chanen, Lil Canzano Roberts, and Janice Hamilton Brown for a tremendous job.

    If anyone wa...

  • 50th Wedding Anniversaries
  • While the divorce rate in the world has spiraled, many from the PHS Class of 1957 have shown the world it is possible to be married to the same person for a lifetime. More than 100 classmates out of the 435 we try to track have reached the milestone of having been married for over 50 years. There will be more in the future.

    If you have been married for 50 years or more and are not in this pa...

  • 55 Year Reunion - June 22-24, 2012
  • Here are the guidelines I used.
    a. Picture must include a classmate - there are a few exceptions.
    b. No really embarrassing pictures.
    c. Post as many pictures as available -- even though some people are in many of them.
    d. Do not identify each picture's photographer.
    e. Entertain requests to remove a picture.
    f. Complaints will be entertained at the 60th reunion.
    g. Generally, used ma...

  • 60 Year Reunion - May 19-21, 2017
  • The Reunion of the PHS Class of 1957, celebrating 60 years since their graduation, was held at the Skyline Golf Club the weekend of May 19-21,2017, with a Break the Ice gathering on Friday night, a dinner on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday morning. There are over 100 pictures here. Some are similar to others. Sorry 'bout dat. Generally, women are identified with their maiden name.

    If y...

  • 60th Reunion 2017
  • The 60th Reunion will be held at the Skyline Golf Club at 405 South Main Street, Lanesborough, Massachusetts the weekend of May 19 through May 21.

  • 1957 - A Year That CHANGED America
  • Here are pages from an issue of US News and World Report magazine that featured a discussion of the importance of 1957 in America's history and development.

  • Class Luncheon 2009
  • On July 23, 2009, about 35 classmates gathered at the Skyline Golf Club for an informal luncheon and  social time. Here are pictures from that gathering. Please forgive me if some of the text omitted married names and just has maiden names.

    At the luncheon, the group overwhelmingly indicated this should be an annual event, but with more notice. Given that, we will plan to have the 2010 PHS ...

  • Class Luncheon 2010
  • The 2010 luncheon was held on July 15 at the Italian American Club in Pittsfield. It was attended by 68 people. A list of attendees is shown below at the beginning of the pictures.

     Photos #200 - 230 are courtesy of Charlene Vernier Wood. 300 series are from Carole Gilardi Jenny 400 Series from Sharron Sedgwick Parzick. 500 Series are from Lilia Canzano Roberts.

  • Class Luncheon 2011
  • The luncheon was held on July 15, 2011, at the Italian American Club. Seventy-seven people attended - the biggest turnout to date.

    The pictures posted are just temporary until I get all the pictures from people who have generously shared them with me.

    If you want a copy of any picture(s), let me know and I'll send them to you.

  • Class Luncheon 2013
  • This year's luncheon was held on July 18 at the top of the Crowne Plaza hotel in Pittsfield. A total of 45 classmates and 12 guests attended.

    The last 46 pictures include some with the courtesy of Lilia Canzano.  If you took a picture, please send me a copy of the original file, not of one formatted for the web or for email. If you can crop it before sending it to me, please crop at 300dpi ...

  • Class Luncheon 2014
  • The luncheon was held on July 17 at the Italian-American Club on Newell St. in Pittsfield and attended by about 50 people.  

    Please put up with my seemingly playing favorites for subjects!!

    If you have some pictures, send them along to me and I'll post them.


  • Class Luncheon 2015
  • This year's luncheon was held on July 16th at Bousquet's Tamarack Room and was attended by 52 people. Judy Dunlevy and Barb Fairfield did a great job in setting this up and topped it off by baking and serving dessert cookies as a gift to the class.

    Good weather+ good food + great people = Enjoyable time!!

    Thanks to all who attended for making it another successful luncheon.

  • Class Luncheon 2016
  • The class luncheon was held on July 14, 2016, at the Skyline Golf Club. This was the second time we held the luncheon there. It was attended by about 60 people. Everyone seemed to be happy with the venue, meal, service and price.

  • Class Luncheon 2018
  • The class luncheon in 2018 was held at the Skyline Golf Club in late July.

  • Class Luncheon 2019
  • The luncheon was held again at the Skyline Golf Club in Lanesborough. Socializing began around 10:30 and lasted for about 2 hours. followed by a buffet lunch at 12:15. Since many in the class will celebrate their 80th birthday during 2019, we had a cake with ice cream for dessert. The pictures in this section are listed randomly and I tried to get as many people as possible on 'film.'

    If yo...

  • Class Museum
  • Here are most of the museum pieces I have. There are others shown at http://www.phs1957.com/gallery.php?galleryid=10.

    Help preserve our class history. Send Paul scans of artifacts and memorabilia from our class past and he'll put them here in our class museum.  

  • Coach Edward C. Hickey
  • Coach Hickey was the head coach of the 1956-57 PHS Berkshire Count Basketball Championship team. He graduated from PHS in 1932 and went on to Colgate University. He later became a teacher and a coach (basketball and baseball at PHS) and a school principal in Pittsfield retiring from that position.

  • Contributors to Web Site Operation
  • The 'final' list is below. Thanks to all of you.

    As any new contributions are received, the list will be updated as necessary. Excess monies have been put into a savings account for future licensing

  • Current pictures of Pittsfield and the Berkshires

  • Many of our classmates have moved out of the area and haven't been back in many years. Here are some pictures of familiar areas/things in Pittsfield for you to see and show to your spouse, children and grandchildren!

  • Graduation Time June 16, 1957
  • In this section will be various pictures, mementos, etc. of happenings about the time of graduation. If you have anything to add to this collection, please feel free to do so.

  • Historical Pittsfield
  • Pittsfield has a long history of over 250 years. Here are some pictures, etc. gathered from some internet sites belonging to the Berkshire Historical Society and the PHS Class of 1968. If you have access to some  historical pictures, please send in digital files of them to the any of the Administrators

  • In Memory of
  • This section is intended to make classmates aware of the passing of people who were involved with our high school years - teachers and classmates - or people close to them, such as parents, siblings, spouses or children. It is also a place where we can honor them either with a copy of their obituary or, where it is difficult to obtain an obituary, with some remembrances of classmates or family ...

  • Junior Prom - May 25, 1956 or/and Senior Prom - June 13, 1957
  • The Junior Prom on May 25, 1956, was the first 'formal' dance for most of us. By the time the Senior Prom rolled around on June 13, 1957, we were old hands at them.

    Here are a few memories from the Prom Dances and the After Prom Parties.

    (There must have been other people taking pictures on this night -- even if your parents took pictures of you and your date. Please share them with us!)

  • Look at us now
  • Every one of us was born in '38, '39 or '40 which makes us all over 70 so there's no reason for your not having a picture of your family and yourself here. Many of us have extended families with grandchildren and such. Here is a place where you can share recent pictures of yourselves with your family or friends. Simply send the file to Paul for adding to this area.

  • Looking Back
  • Here are some memories from our school years, high school and before. Your classmates would love to see any picture you have of activities, groups, parties, classroom pictures, awards, etc. from this period. You can help by posting your personal photos.

    If there is a particular photo that you would like to print, contact the person who posted it by clicking on his/her name and send an email...

  • Memories of Growing up in the Berkshires
  • The writer of what might be called the essay or “free verse poetry” regarding growing up in Pittsfield is happy that many of us have found her words to be interesting and thought provoking. I know they were for me.

    Here is an email message I received from her recently:

    how about asking everyone to submit top ten lists of memories of pittsfield in the 40/50's  i bet folks ...

  • Nostalgia
  • Just what it says. Meander through these and enjoy!

  • Olde Picture of Schools
  • Here are some pictures of our schools, some before we were born!

  • PHS Now
  • Here are some pictures of the interior of Pittsfield High School as it is now. If any of you have a picture that you feel others would enjoy, please send it to the administrator for adding to this group.

  • Photographs by Classmate
  • This is a section where we can post pictures we have taken that we want to share with others. The object of this section is good photography -- not wild Photoshopping. Some adjustments, corrections, etc. can be made but it should be kept to a minimum and really not noticable.

    This area could be one that someone from outside the class might find fun to trash so you'll have to send the picture...

  • Pittsfield's 250th Birthday
  • Pittsfield incorporated as a town on April 26, 1761. The Berkshire Eagle celebrated Pittsfield's 250th anniversary by profiling a notable figure in the city's history each day of the year. All 365 are posted here!

  • Pittsfield Memories
  • This section contains pictures from the videos on the web regarding memories of Pittsfield

  • Schools We Atttended
  • Some of the schools have been reborn for other uses, few are still in use as schools and others have been replaced with shopping areas, etc. Here is what they look like now.

  • Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, National Guardsmen
  • A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America,' for an amount of 'up to and including my life. That is honor.'

    Many of our classmates served and matured in the Armed Forces. This section is for the pictures of them in uniform, on duty, whatever. If you se...

  • Sports - Babe Ruth League
  • Some of our class members played baseball in the 13-15 year old league known as the Little Bigger League to start and then the Babe Ruth League. Again, most of these articles are from the scrapbook belonging to Bruce Dellert that his sisters kept.

  • Sports - Basketball
  • Our guys were the Berkshire County champs in 1957. Here are a few stories and memorabilia from that team and a few memories from its earlier high school years. AND one from a few of the boys' earlier efforts.

  • Sports - Coach Morris
  • Here are a few memories of Coach Nick Morris. Coach Morris was 41 years old when he took over as baseball and football head coach.  This site includes pictures from his high school days at Boston College High and from his senior year at Holy Cross.  Also included is the story of Coach Morris when he was inducted into the Holy Cross Varsity Club Hall of Fame.

    A special thank you to ...

  • Sports - Football
  • Some newspaper clippings and memorabilia from our high school football seasons. If anyone wants the digital file of any of these items, please request it from Paul. If anyone has a picture or article that would add to this collection, please scan it and send it along.

  • Sports - Golf
  • PHS Golf team newspaper clippings 1957

  • Sports - Little League (1950-1952)
  • For those who played in the formative years of Little League here is a section of newspaper clippings and pictures from those days. If you have a clipping that is missing from this collection, please send it in. A very large Thank You to Bruce Dellert and his sisters for allowing us to scan his collection of clippings. Most of these clippings are from Bruce.

    Another Thank You to Phil Gregor...

  • Sports - Outside Winter Sports
  • For now, this is where we will be highlighting sports other than baseball, basketball and football. If one of the members of some other sports team, group, activity, etc. provides enough information (pictures, articles, memorabilia) we'll make up a separate area just for that item.

  • Sports - PHS Baseball
  • Here are some newspaper clippings, programs, etc. of baseball games back in high school. If you have something you want to post here, please send it along to one of the administrators. A very large Thank You to Bruce Dellert and his sisters for many of the clippings you see here.

  • Sports - Track
  • Track team newspaper clippings from 1957. Not very good quality copies but hopefully, some of you track stars out there will have some clippings in your scrapbooks that can replace them.

  • Student's Pen Collection
  • Here are some issues of The Student's Pen from our high school years. We have October '56, June '57 & Feb '57 posted. Dec '56, & Dec '55 are coming.   If you have any other issues, please contact me. Not all advertising pages are copied.

    The issues will be uploaded in due time!! Please be patient.

  • The Rookie --- Painting by Norman Rockwell
  • Norman Rockwell used one of our classmates as a model for this painting which in turn was used on the cover of a March, 1957, issue of 'The Saturday Evening Post.' Here are a few articles about the painting.

  • Then and Now
  • Often, on Sundays, the Berkshire Eagle runs two pictures, one showing a scene in Pittsfield at sometime in the past and one showing the same scene now. We'll try to show an updated 'Now' picture as we get one.

  • We Got Together

  • Have you got together with some of your classmates recently? If so, please send in a picture of the event and it will be posted for others to enjoy.

  • Winter in the Berkshires
  • These are pictures sent in by classmates of a scene in the Berkshire area.

    The winter of 2010-2011 was a great one for snow. These pictures show what winter is like in the vicinity of our hometown, Pittsfield, MA.

    You can send in a picture to Paul and he will post it on this site. Please describe the scene and when it was taken. Old pictures from previous snow times are also welcome.


  • Yearbook
  • Posted on this site is some of our yearbook. The complete yearbook was scanned by one of our classmates and is available in pdf format from the Administrators. Please contact them for details.

    Pictures of classmates start on #3 here (page 35 in the book)

    To obtain a site like this for your class visit www.ourclassonline.com.   [Administration]  
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