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Pittsfield High School Class of 1957 - In Memory of
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This section is intended to make classmates aware of the passing of people who were involved with our high school years - teachers and classmates - or people close to them, such as parents, siblings, spouses or children. It is also a place where we can honor them either with a copy of their obituary or, where it is difficult to obtain an obituary, with some remembrances of classmates or family members. Please send an email to the administrator if you have if you have access to an obituary that should be posted here.

The complete list of classmates who have passed away of whom we are aware, is below.

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2403?? Classmate Annette (Genovese) Fallon passed away in March of 2024.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 24

240326 John Sinopoli was an older brother of classmate Rosemary Sinopoli Cinella. He passed away on March 17, 2024.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 22

240401 This is the most current list of classmates from the PHS Class of '57 who we know have passed away as of this date 183=≈45% An asterisk * next to a name means there is an obituary on...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 114

240216 Classmate Hank Allessio died on February 16, 2024. You will need to enlarge this on your screen There is a video of an interview Hank had in late 2023 at:           https://www.y...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 706

240215 Classmate Evelyn Lombardi Jones passed away on February 15, 2024.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 112

240207 Classmate Barbara Dummond Monro died on Feb. 7, 2024.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 140

231203 Classmate Carole Olsen died on Dec.3, 2023. Her obit was not in the 'Eagle.' She had moved to Indiana years ago. A thank you to Carole Gilardi Jenny who notified us of her passing.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 167

230907 Classmate, Joe Simonetta, died on Sept. 7, 2023.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 602

230813 Debra was classmate Ray Rowe's partner for 47 years. She died a little more than two weeks after Ray.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 350

230727 Classmate Ray Rowe passed away on July 27, 2023. There was no obituary for him. This one was constructed from his partner's obituary
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 322

230807 Peggy Pruyne, wife of classmate Kim Pruyne, passed away on August 7, 2023.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 352

230117 Classmate Joan (Malnati) Carroll passed away on January 17, 2023
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 338

230519 Classmate Gail McPherson, the wife of classmate Al Shulhan, died on May 19, 2023
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 458

230529 Classmate Linda Ann Windover Henry passed away on May 29, 2023.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 479

230520 Sam Pocoroba was classmate Millie Morgan's husband. He died on May 20, 2023
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 475

230515 Classmate Sally Hickey Cote passed away on May 15, 2023
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 496

230325 Classmate David Michael Wilson died in February. This obituary was in the Berkshire Eagle today and is an expansion of the one on the right.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 565

230227 Classmate Dave Wilson passed away on Feb 27, 2023. His sons wrote this obituary. For more information about Dave, please read the obituary to the left of this one on our PHS1957 website.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 574

230116 Classmate Dick Delmolino died on Jan 16, 2023, in Gettysburg, PA.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 604

221128 Classmate Carol Pruyne Kiley passed away in Arizona on November 28, 2022.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 627

230101 Val was the husband of classmate Elaine Brites Pascetta
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 626

220726 Classmate Fran Mangiardi, passed away on July 26, 2022
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 813

220706 Liz Lake, the widow of Classmate Ralph Lake, passed away on July 6, 2022
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 854

220517 Classmate Peter Gamwell, passed away on May 17, 2022.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 892

220512 Tom was the husband 0f classmate Annette Genovese. He passed away on May 12, 2022, after 58 years of marriage.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 877

220410 Classmate Ron Patti passed away in April, 2022.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 922

211209 Classmate Al Grunow passed away on Dec. 9, 2021,
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1049

220309 Classmate Doug Cowan passed away on January 12, 2022.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1066

220218 Classmate Marcia Eunice Ballard Clark passed away on February 18, 2022.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1065

220126 Julie was the wife of classmate Bob Deloye.
Posted By: with thanks to Sally Hickey Cote
Views: 1092

220203 Joe was the husband of classmate JoAnn Guzzy Sacchetti.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1222

211219 Classmate Jon Shepardson passed away on December 19, 2021
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1135

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