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Pittsfield High School Class of 1957 - In Memory of
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This section is intended to make classmates aware of the passing of people who were involved with our high school years - teachers and classmates - or people close to them, such as parents, siblings, spouses or children. It is also a place where we can honor them either with a copy of their obituary or, where it is difficult to obtain an obituary, with some remembrances of classmates or family members. Please send an email to the administrator if you have if you have access to an obituary that should be posted here.

The complete list of classmates of whom we are aware who have passed away is below.

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020511 Classmate Marcia Allen Cole's husband, Lawrence, passed away several years ago in New Hampshire. I have posted this with Marcia's consent. His character can be seen in the movie 'A Bridge...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2520

100903 Linda A. Reagan, the wife of classmate, John F. Reagan, passed away on September 3, 2010.
Posted By: Paul C. Venti
Views: 2546

100901 John Bannon, the husband of classmate Nancy Quinlan Bannon, , passed away on Aug 29, 2010.
Posted By: With thanks to Ann Williams
Views: 2506

680508 Richard George Turner, classmate, died on May 8, 1968 at age 29.  Thanks to Bill Bullet, a friend of Richard in high school, for making the class aware of this.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2546

781118 Harold E. Hennessy, Principal, died on November 18, 1978. He was born on Sept. 5, 1900
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2567

710213  John T. Carmody, teacher and coach, died on February 13, 1971. See Roger O'Gara's column about him in the 'Sports - Others' section of the Photo Galleries. (http://www.phs1957.com/gallery_...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2624

950430 Walter F. Reagan, teacher, counselor and father of John Reagan, classmate, died on April 30, 1995. on his 91st birthday.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2625

761101  Miss Jane E, Heaphy, teacher and our class advisor, died on Nov. 1, 1976. She was 60 yrs. old having been born on August 7, 1916.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2663

100620 Stephen A. Huska, husband of Mary Monterosso, classmate, passed away on Sunday, June 20, 2010
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2657

100427 George Y. Jordy, husband of Judith Maloy Jordy, classmate.
Posted By: Thoughtfullness of Judy's daughter, Kathleen
Views: 2672

100219 Nancylee Patrick, classmate
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2751

100220  Bradley R.Chase, classmate.
Posted By: Courtesy of Debbie Chase
Views: 2680

781100 Harold E. Hennessy, Principal. This tribute to Mr. Hennessy complements his obituary seen elsewhere in this section.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2699

091209 Lenny Conway, classmate
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2811

910100 Mike Zaveruka, classmate
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2743

020521 A. Fred Rohlfs, classmate Sandy Boldyga's husband and classmate Bob Rohlfs' brother died on May 21, 2002.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2700

090905 Santino Deilea, longtime companion to Carole Gilardi Jenny, classmate
Posted By: Carole Gilardi Jenny
Views: 2678

090826  Wadell V. Williamson, Jr., classmate, and brother of Janet.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2687

980224 David E. Chapman, classmate
Posted By: Courtesy of Paul Corriveau
Views: 2753

940418 John M. Lacey, Jr., classmate
Posted By: Courtesy of Paul Corriveau
Views: 2731

030212   Robert C. Farrell, classmate
Posted By: Courtesy of Paul Corriveau
Views: 2743

880511 Kenneth F. Breault, classmate
Posted By: Courtesy of Paul Corriveau
Views: 2685

060913 Louis Wilford Rock, classmate.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2700

051203 Thomas Avalle, Jr., classmate. Published in the Eagle.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2691

050112 Chester Louis Gabriel, classmate
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2684

041008 John Danylin, classmate
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 2698

081111 Bobby Kahn, classmate.
Posted By: with thanks to Mo Connors Armstrong
Views: 2764

090611 Michael Alan White, classmate.
Posted By: Thanks to Tony Adornetto
Views: 2799

050325 Chuck Schmitt, husband of Paula Shaffer Schmitt, classmate
Posted By: Patricia Stiffler Venti
Views: 2817

090401 Classmate Elaine Cancilla Orbach
Posted By: Thanks to Marcia Laycock Quinn
Views: 2985

710300 Edward A. Donati, classmate
Posted By: Thanks to Hank Allessio
Views: 2838

090322  Mickey Leary, husband of classmate Sally Zimmerman.
Posted By: Thanks to Al Tymczuk and Ralph Lake
Views: 2796

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