Pittsfield High School Class of 1957
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Pittsfield High School Class of 1957 - Nostalgia
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Just what it says. Meander through these and enjoy!

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180215 Valentine's Day Candies
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1052

170426 Marquees on North St. (You may have to magnify this for 78 year old eyes.)
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1048

16122 '5 and 10' cent stores on North St.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1035

180131 Gas Holder Building -- are you as I who thought this was a roundhouse? I can remember Coach Ed Hickey's joke as we went by it on the bus to a baseball game: 'Did you hear about the ball play...
Posted By: Administrator
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180103 Rockin' around the clock, all the way back to the '50s
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1150

171221 Recalling childhood holiday times
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1109

Textile's Men's Night started in 1949. We were just young boys and girls then - but the practice continued on for many years.
Posted By: Administrator
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171207 Ghosts of Dairy Delivery in the Past.  My parents had milk delivered by Brattlebook Farms - owned by the Allessio Brothers and delivered by Mickey Allessio! He was related to -------- (gues...
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1146

171124 Here is part two of the Victory Hill story.  'Whatever happened to Victory Hill?'
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1174

171109 'Victory' Hill housing - part 1
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1233

171026 A story about a neighborhood which was never built in Pittsfield.
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1182

171014 Here is another walk down Memory Lane. Click on the URL below or copy it into your browser. https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/QoDXTAajEzY?rel=0
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1237

171014 Civil defense
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1196

170928 Soap Box Derby -- this was just after our teen years and I have no recollection of this event. How about you??
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1178

170913 Let's go to the Drive-In!!
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1194

170831 Sampson Parkway - childhood memories
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1222

170831 Some history of Pontoosuc School
Posted By: Administrator
Views: 1163

500828  Here is an article from the Eagle that highlights a 'talent' of one of our classmates back in 1950!  Congratulatons, Jim.
Posted By: Administrator
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170817 Zayre's store in Pittsfield. You may need to zoom in on your browser to read this with circa 77 year old eyes.
Posted By: Administrator
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Mickle's Grove - the Berkshire Eagle had picnics for paper boys and girls at the grove.
Posted By: Administrator
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