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081006 Here is an interesting 'hobby' by a classmate and husband.

I asked Dorothy Fedoryshyn Strand about the 'translation' of her email address. Here is what she replied:

You guessed our email address.  For more fun, here is John’s other email: 7in7plus50@pacbell.net .  That should be easy.  Also, my husband sends the following in answer to your question about how one runs on Antarctica.  'Since this was the first marathon on Antarctica, he was able to be the fourth person to run marathons on seven continents.  Now there are many such accomplishments.

Yes, sevenin7 stands for seven continents in 7 years.  This is my Antarctic Marathon.(Pictured above).  I ran on St. George Island.
I was thinking about running in the nude, but I saw that the penguins were not nude, so I took a hint from them and was fully dressed.
I wore my regular running shoes.  My feet did get drenched because the temperature was above freezing and the snow was melting.  My feet and I were comfortably warm until I stopped running, and then cold set in.  I was well prepared at the finish line.  I had another pair of socks and shoes and a super warm fur coat.  The fur on the coat was on the inside and the outside of the coat was leather.  I was cozy warm.

Behind me are other runners.  Off in the ocean is the ship that we stayed on.  There are no hotels in Antarctica, not even a Carl’s Junior.

John Strand'

In case you didn’t guess the 7in7plus50 email, the plus 50 stands for running a marathon in all fifty states. Now he is just adding on marathons and will be doing #114 next week end.  And, no, I did not go with John to Antarctica!  I get seasick too easily! It was a long trip and took three weeks!


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