Pittsfield High School Class of 1957
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510508.4 Combined 6th Grade Chorus Dawes & Redfield

1st Row: Kate Green, Jane Massimiano, Emily Bosma, Ginny Hebb, Marcia Allen, Michael White, Tony Adornetto, John Reagan, Doug Cowan, Curt Newton, Wayne Powell, Paul Venti, Janet Allison, Harriet Sutton, Lucinda Clark, Betty Marks, Tony Burbank, Marilyn Brutnell, Unknown101, Unknown102, Rosemary Bagnello. Piano: Frank Mullen, Princ. Crane School, Flute: Ginny Vallin

2nd Row: Betsey Scace, Geraldine O'Brian, Frank Costanzo, Debbie Selkowitz, Nan Selkowitz,Unknow66, Emily Bousquet, Judy Fanol, Bobby Kahn, Al Mullen, Unknow71, Howard Pierson, June Mason, Martha Carpenter, David Case, Sanda Wilkinson, Jean Ellsworth, Robin Reeves, David Graham, Alvin Raymond, Fred Tuggey

3rd Row:  Lois Metropole, Scott Chase, Marsha Moody, Pat Fasce, Bruce Dellert, Bob Morris, Judy Rohlfs, Margaret MacGregor, Marilyn Dastoli, Julie Mongion, Joe Metallo, Kim Pruyne, Joy Solin, Adelaide Dorfman, Unknown54, Dave Frank, Unknown56, Mary Lou Pomeroy, Unknown58, Ray Tuggey, Peter Gamwell

4th Row:  David Foot, Bob Rohlfs, Britt Ransford, Unknow 23, Ted Guidi, Unknown25, Ray Heath, Bobby Buckbee, Barbara McMorris, Beverly Fenner, Priscilla Alden, Lilia Canzano, Ray Rowe, Sally Hickey, Linda Place, Marcia Shiller, David Farrell, Bobby Budnitz, Marianna Sangiovani, Judy Gordy

5th Row:  David Weller, Bill McKenna, Ann Burns, Nicholas Meli, William Russell, Theresa Pinto, Sandy McBride, Ken Gale, Ann Russ, Unknow9, Unknown10, Margaret Magner, Nancy Barr, Bill Lanzen, William Mendel,      Carol Whitig, Cynthia Rawlings, Eric McGregor, Bruce Mendel

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