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Sue Rogers Hurton - 08-19-2007
What a great idea.  Paul is to be commended.  So sorry I missed the reunion and many others as well.  Would love to hear from old classmates.  Nancylee Patrick, Rosalie Allen and I have a mini FL reunion nearly every yr.  See Sally Hickey occasionally and Natalie Cottrell visited this year.  Anyone out there live near me in Clearwater FL?
James P Matthews - 08-17-2007
Unfortunately I had to leave Pittsfield High Sschool in my Junion year (Nov 55).  However, it's so great to see how we have come along.  Should anyone remember me feel free to communicate.
Irene Johnson Keegan - 08-16-2007
Great work, Paul.  You must have a wonderful wife to let you spend all this time on us but we are grateful to her. I was so glad to see everyone at the reunion in June.  Living in Florida, it's difficult to know what is going on so now I can visit and keep in touch.
Don Wasuk - 08-15-2007
Paul---                                                                                                                                             Your doing a great job!  Keep up the good work!                                
Phil Plouffe - 08-13-2007
This is going to be a great site. Missing the reunion this year really hurt.
Thanks to Paul, Sandy, Sharron and Jeanie I have received all the pictures of the reunion and other lists, etc.
The PHS1957 website will keep me informed of all of you and I am really looking forward to the next reunion in five years.
great job Paul

Sandy Boldyga Rohlfs - 08-13-2007
This is a wonderful idea!  I agree it's nice to be able to keep in touch without waiting 5 years.  I thought I signed in before but I guess I didn't do something right.  Paul we all appreciate your efforts in getting this thing going.  Great job.  Sandy
Pat Taglieri Sanginetti - 08-13-2007
Thank you Paul!  This is so great to have.  We can keep in touch with our class members and it will be so helpful in reaching them for the next reunion.  We were, and still are, a unique class and have such close ties, and now we don't have to wait 5 years to know how class members are doing or speak with them.  Once again, thank you.
Peter Gamwell - 08-12-2007
Great job Paul.  Had a ball at the 50th and looking forward to the 55th.  We need to get all the Dawes School people together in a photo.  We got a small group of us in one at the Sunday brunch.
Marcia Allen Cole  'Marci' - 08-12-2007
The old photo ID-ing acivities were great fun, and this could prove even greater.  As one who was 'in the loop' only through Adelaide, Jan Allison Messing and the Gamwells, it's a warm fuzzy to get re-connected again.  We were an incredible class full of incredible people!!
Tom Holleran - 08-12-2007
Great idea, Paul.  
Robert W. Kidd - 08-12-2007
It is a wonderful idea to creat an alumnae website.  As a career musician and teacher,  I have kept in contact with many 'old' friends, but have lost contact with most of my high school comrades. I, thus, view this with much interest.  Greetings all!
Sharron Sedgwick Parzick - 08-12-2007
This is a very positive idea.  Looking forward to hearing from others in the class.
John Kozaka - 08-12-2007
The format is great. This is going to be fun.
RAY ROWE - 08-12-2007

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